In-House Engineering

Control Systems Company manufactures many different components of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for any current or new Ignition Systems for the Utilities, Industrial and Marine Markets as well as many others. With our full scale Manufacturing Floor and Extensive Cross Reference Library, as well as our Certified Engineering Department, we can identify, locate and/or manufacture nearly any requested item, regardless of original manufacturer or availability of original part.

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In today’s market, with budget and time restraints; our specialty lies in our CUSTOMIZED

EQUIPMENT and REPAIRS/REBUILDS of existing customer equipment.
Our in-house engineers can custom-design parts to customers’ exact needs that may be difficult
to source by other avenues. This includes:

  • Hard to Locate Items
  • Obsoleted Items
  • Inadequate Documentation/Design on Existing Part
  • Redesign of Existing Part for Improvements in Durability and Performance


Our trained technicians work closely with our engineering staff and our production team to
provide our customers with complete comprehensive Repair and/or Rebuild Services for their
current systems. This service is unmatched in our industries, is covered under our standard
warranties and often unavailable through many of the original manufacturers. These services
are available for the following applications:

  • Oil Guns/ Oil Lighter Assemblies
  • Power Supplies
  • Retract Assemblies
  • HE Ignition Equipment