Consulting & Technical Services

Equipment Field Evaluation



Control Systems Company Field Evaluation provides solutions for the equipment currently installed on your Boiler Front. We provide an on-site inspection that will allow such Igniter Equipment to be field ready for Light Offs as well as ensure reliable day-to-day performance. This evaluation can save our customers in both maintenance costs and time. Our standard Field Evaluation Program allows for (1) CSC Field Technician and (1) Sales Manager for a comprehensive on-site assessment.This service is offered for consulting before upgrades or new equipment installations as well as any existing/original equipment and includes mechanical equipment failure analysis and igniter diagnostic services. A wide range of products are covered under this assessment including, but not limited to, Igniter Rods and Tips, Power Supplies, Cables, Oil/Gas Guns, Atomizers and Nozzles, and Flame Detection; such as Scanner Equipment and Flame Rods.


This evaluation allows Control Systems Company the most accurate and up-to-date overview of current operations, which in turn allows us to provide greater value to our customers by offering competitively priced products with a maximum return on investment. In addition, by working closely with our customers, we are able to provide greater coordination to meet any necessary deadlines and we can even provide next day service on most common product categories.

Start Up/Emergency Services & Flame Monitoring Systems


Control Systems Company also offers two additional Consulting and Technical Service Programs.  These two programs include  Start Up/Emergency Technical Services, which provides customers with on-site Start Up Services, Equipment Training Programs and Emergency Spare Parts Services as well as our Flame Monitoring Systems Program, which includes onsite Set Up, Configuration of Settings and Training for our currently offered Flame Monitoring Systems (see Products Page for details on current offerings)

For additional information or more details about these services, please contact our office at 330.656.3557 or click the following link: